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Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Boscombe Pool + Audio CD

A2 - Level 3 (1200 headwords)

Pearson English Readers

Arthur C Conan Doyle
ISBN: 9781447925828
kniha + Audio CD
209 Kč
vč. DPH
Běžná cena246 Kč

Classic / British English
Who killed Charles McCarthy at Boscombe Pool? And why? Detective Lestrade from Scotland Yard thinks it was McCarthy’s son, James. Things do not look good for James. But the famous English detective, Sherlock Holmes, sees things differently. His friend, Dr Watson, joins him and tells the story.

This Pack contains a Book and MP3

AutorArthur C Conan Doyle
SegmentZjednodušená četba
Komponentakniha + Audio CD
Počet stran100
VydavatelPearson Readers (Zobrazit všechny položky )
Rok vydání2014

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Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Boscombe Pool

A2 - Level 3 (1200 headwords)
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
189 Kč
Běžná cena222 Kč

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