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Choices Intermediate Workbook & Audio CD Pack

Rod Fricker
ISBN: 9781408296158
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(MyEnglishLab) and print material, Choices gives teachers the power to adapt to their classrooms, while the authentic BBC video clips keep interest levels high and boredom factors low!

Highly respected authors of bestselling OpportunitiesNew OpportunitiesChallenges andNew ChallengesMichael Harris and Anna Sikorzynska

Strong strand of choice throughout the course which motivates and is a crucial element of life-long learning skills important in the 21st century as technology and jobs change rapidly

Authentic Video BBC and Channel 4 clips (eg Jamie Oliver)

Your Choice - students choose between different topics to discuss and write about

DVD Choice - an optional section with authentic video material with comprehension questions. These are mainly oral skills lessons extending the lesson topic

Listen or Watch - the target functional language is presented through dialogues which can be watched or listened to

Learning Links - references to extra activities. Students are directed to culture input (Culture Choice) and extra revision, practice and self-assessment (in the MyEnglishLab)

Online Skills - in the workbook. Information-handling skills and critical thinking

MyEnglishLab online learning where teachers can grade and monitor


AutorRod Fricker
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VydavatelPearson (Zobrazit všechny položky )
Rok vydání2013

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