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Project Omega + Audio CD

A2 - Level 2 (600 headwords)

Pearson English Readers

Elaine O'Reilly
ISBN: 9781408285169
kniha + Audio CD
199 Kč
vč. DPH
Běžná cena234 Kč


Original / British English
Charles Hatfield Baker III, one of the richest men in New York City, suddenly disappears. His daughter, Julia, wants to find him. The directors of his company want power and money. Do they know where he is? And what is Project Omega? Can Julia find her father and save his company?

This Pack contains a Book and MP3


AutorElaine O'Reilly
SegmentZjednodušená četba
Komponentakniha + Audio CD
Počet stran87
VydavatelPearson Readers (Zobrazit všechny položky )
Rok vydání2012

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Project Omega

A2 - Level 2 (600 headwords)
Elaine O'Reilly
179 Kč
Běžná cena210 Kč

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