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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

A1 - Level 1 (300 headwords)

Pearson English Readers

Mark Twain
ISBN: 9781405842778
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Classic / American English
Tom Sawyer loves adventures. He has them at home, at school, and with his friends —Huck Finn, Joe Harper, and Becky Thatcher. Tom has one adventure in a graveyard, one in an old house, one in a cave. Who does he see in those places—and why is he afraid? 

AutorMark Twain
SegmentZjednodušená četba
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Počet stran32
VydavatelPearson Readers (Zobrazit všechny položky )
Rok vydání2008

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer + Audio CD

A1 - Level 1 (300 headwords)
Mark Twain
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