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Challenges Class CD 1 1-2

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Michael Harris
ISBN: 9780582851771
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Challenges 1 is not a complete Beginner book. It assumes at least a year's study of primary English. It aims to build on students' previous study and introduce them gradually to the kind of learning they have to do at secondary as opposed to primary school. Level 1 covers all of the areas from Breakthrough (A.1) that are not related to work or other adult situations and some of early Waystage (A.2.1). For a full breakdown of the CEFR descriptors covered in Challenges 1, see www.longman.com/challenges/pdfs/cef/cef-level1.pdf General theme In this level the theme of challenge is present in such topics as helping others, dealing with bullying, living with disability and fighting fires. In addition, the characters in this level participate in the Duke of Edinburgh programme. They have to take up a new hobby, do exercise, help other and go on a group expedition.

AutorMichael Harris
SegmentZákladní škola (2.stupeň) a nižší stupeň gymnázia
Počet stran3
VydavatelPearson (Zobrazit všechny položky )
Rok vydání2007

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