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12628 9780582846777

Challenges 3 Students´ Book

David Mower
ISBN: 9780582846777
Doložka MŠMT
462 Kč
vč. DPH
Běžná cena543 Kč
Dostupnost1-2 týdny

Challenges provides * Coursebooks that can be completed in one year, giving students a clear sense of progress * Informative and engaging topics that involve teenagers in their learning * Unique features include word building, text building and sentence patterns * Characters that promote positive values and use real spoken language. * Activities for building learner strategies for independent learning * Magazine at the back of the Students Book to support mixed ability classes * Strong grammar and skills sections give students confidence in using the language * A full Word Bank that is easy to use * A unique teacher's package gives total support and maximum flexibility

AutorDavid Mower
SegmentZŠ (2.stupeň) a nižší stupeň gymnázia
Počet stran128
VydavatelPearson (Zobrazit všechny položky )
Rok vydání2007

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