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270 9781405882668

Man from the South and Other Stories

C1 - Level 6 (3000 headwords)

Pearson English Readers

Roald Dahl
ISBN: 9781405882668
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Contemporary / British English
Roald Dahl is the master of the unexpected. Things are not always what they seem and nobody should be trusted. In this collection of his short stories we learn some strange lessons about the dangerous world we live in. But you will have to wait until the final pages of each story to discover the last, terrible twist! 

AutorRoald Dahl
SegmentZjednodušená četba
Komponentapouze kniha
Počet stran109
VydavatelPearson Readers (Zobrazit všechny položky )
Rok vydání2009

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Man from the South and Other Stories + Audio CD

C1 - Level 6 (3000 headwords)
Roald Dahl
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