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Success Beginner Students' Book

Stuart McKinlay
ISBN: 9780582852990
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Success offers * inspiring and up-to-date topics that are relevant to the age group * activities that help students both understand (Work it Out) and internalise grammar rules (Check it Out) as well as avoid common mistakes (Mind the Trap) * a syllabus that focuses on communication in real-world contexts (Speak Out) * clear syllabus supported by exam practice and exam strategies * graded programme and regular opportunities for evaluation and self-evaluation * Teacher Support * variety in the classroom through the use of the different components (Students' Book, but also the video, the CD-ROM, photocopiables and tests) * flexibility with photocopiables and the Test Master CD-ROMs * wealth of assessment support with the skills-based revision section in the Students' Book and materials in the Evaluation and Testing Book

AutorStuart McKinlay
SegmentStřední škola
Počet stran128
VydavatelPearson (Zobrazit všechny položky )

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