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Intelligent Business Upper-Intermediate Coursebook

Tonya Trappe
ISBN: 9780582848092
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Dostupnost1-2 týdny

Do Business with the Intelligent Business Skills Book The Intelligent Business Skills Book with CD-ROM is a shorter course that covers the functional language that people in business require such as 'negotiating' and 'dealing with problems'. It can be used on its own as an intensive course or alongside the Intelligent Business Course Book. What's special about the Intelligent Business Course Book? * You can effortlessly blend the development of language skills with the introduction of business concepts * Boost your students' business writing skills the Style Guide has authentic business documents like emails, minutes and reports * Add international business flavour to your lessons with the 'Culture at Work' sections * Challenge your students with the 'Dilemma and Decision' section in every unit which asks students to evaluate a real-life business dilemma * Easily prepare students for BEC exams using the Workbook that has plenty of BEC-style exercises and an authentic Practice Test

AutorTonya Trappe
SegmentObchodní angličtina a ESP
Počet stran176
VydavatelPearson (Zobrazit všechny položky )
Rok vydání2008

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